WJD Systems - Close Down Notice

WJD Systems was struggling to compete in the market due to the big companies new competetive pricing. These companies are able to buy in very large bulk and thus make a higher saving on costs. WJD Systems was always about one or two purchases of particular peripherals and components to meet unique user requirements. This proved to not be as much of an advantage to the public as we forsore. Thus our costs where higher and therefore our prices became more than the average system.

We prided ourselves on giving the customer what they want and what is right for them. This was our aim to be different from other Computer Suppliers. This sadly was not enough for us to survive and hence we have now closed our doors.

We would like to thank all those customers we had and inform any whom purchased from us in the passed 12 months you warranties still stand.

Lastly we are now reverting back to a news site on technologies, computer systems, gaming consoles. You can access this news site at: http://blog.wjdsystems.co.uk

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